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Active Projects

Yale Pilot ITSB Site

Scope: Some small Competency modifications, Custom scale labels, Manager Assessment & Skills Inventory, branded site

  • Project Status: http://projects.itskillbuilderassessment.com/index.php?m=projects&a=view&project_id=176
  • Yale config pages link (https://app.box.com/login...IT_Accelerate_-_Talent_Management_%28Skillbuilder%29)

Janssen ITSB Site

SCOPE: Custom competencies, branded site. Custom Scale. Manager Assessment. (No Skills Inv at launch).

Setup with standard scale first then adjust to the cusom scale.

ITSB Cloud Migration

Highlevel Targets

  • End Jan - early Feb - decommission Internap hardware, setup tools (twiki, dotporject, bugzilla, etc)
  • January 17: DB scripts, Switch domain to new server.
  • Early January: Final networking tweaks. DB scripting proofed. Prud SSO switch tested. Tools servers up. Maintenance notices posted
  • December: Regression test new code. Code fixes. DB scripts. AWS Dev environment
  • November: Networking and Tools (Code, Apache hosted sites, Code repo and traffic management). Upgrades to code libraries
  • October: TomCat and DB server POC
Initial Scope/Stategy docs:



ITSB Development: New features for Q1 2016

Phase 1 Priority

Link to Google sheet: Development Schedule Q4 2015

In order of development priority for client release...

  1. ID20_Adding_Personal_Resources_to_Development_Plan_AT072715.pdf
  2. ID130_Adding_Notes_During_Assessment_AT072815.pdf
  3. ID123_See_Competency_Details_LG10092015.pdf
  4. ID140_Technical_SKills_Inventory_Report_AT072715.pdf
  5. ID169_Email_Notifications_AT11122015.pdf
  6. ID134_Delete_Test_Users_LG10092015.pdf

Phase 2 Priority

MySkills Baseball Card feature

Regression Testing Status

Internal Projects

Priority Bugs

671 Hard coded link for help only works in prod

669 losing unpublish attribute when copying resources

(N/A) Email reply for password change references RTP not O&A

670 Gap Report sort issue with N/A

Content Admin bugs

603 ( Content Admin cannot delete resources (super admin)

667 Add Resource - losing Title field

Admin email bugs

621 Admin 360 emails (survey reminders, invites) blocking database, causing abandoned connection timeout

501 App resource usage when admins are sending out batches of emails is high, potential Out-of-Memory

Survey setup

659 Clone of a survey doesn't set up the survey-relationships; this causes errors across the system if not patched manually.

ITSB AutomationOptions

Page where we capture auto projects/ scripts/ scenarios to help speed up client ITSB setups.

ITSB Release Checklists

Priority Roadmap Features

Not yet on release schedule....

  1. MY Skills BBcard

PENDING Internal projects

  1. Add reporting to osTicket and fix incoming mail issues.
  2. Process Improvements - a) Release Mgmt [deployment? testing, including automation & load/stress testing]
  3. Security Scanning Tool/ Security White Paper [Possible options include: http://w3af.org or http://wapiti.sourceforge.net]

Closed Projects/ Active Clients


  • Farmers ITSB Site (January 2016)


  • ITSB migration to AWS (January 2016)
  • Janssen ITSB Site (December 2015)
  • Prudential AIT ITSB Site (SEPT 2015)
  • ITSB SSO Shibboleth Service Provider (for Prudential) (AUG 2015) SSOForITSB Project research page
  • ITSB Admin Screen CleanUp (JULY 2015)
  • Kimcoach (JUNE 2015)
  • DarkHorse (June 2015)
  • SRC Technologies (APR 2015)
  • SandBox / Trial Site (MAR 2015) ITSBSandboxSite
  • Job Role & Targets: Otto (JAN 2015)
  • Annual Cycle Feature set [LGH Renewal] How_to_reflect_an_ANNUAL_cycle_for_ITSB.pptx (JAN 2015)
  • ITSB: Add Agility & Innovation (JAN 2015)


  • Bugzilla cleanup, Nagios ProductionMonitoring (OCT 2014)
  • ITSB SkillsInventory & Sysco Phase 2 (OCT 2014)
  • Sysco Lime & ITSB P1 Launch ( JULY 2014)
  • BOEING Demo Site (JULY 2014)
  • JnJCDX Resource Refresh (JUNE 2014)
  • On Demand Report Release (APR 2014)
  • ITSB Admin Feature set (MAR 2014)
  • Manager Assessment (JAN 2014)
  • Sysco (JULY 2014)
  • Con-way (INACTIVE)
  • Marriott Vacation Worldwide (INACTIVE)
  • Lancaster General Health (INACTIVE)
  • Boeing test site: Link for Boeing Site (PILOT ONLY)

Production Release Status

Highlights of all major changes rolling out in next production release.

Current Release & Regression Testing Information. --+ Archived Projectss


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